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L: Demonic Sigils

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|| On Alphabetical order, Various Demon Sigils, Starting with the letter ( L ) ''

  • These Sigils are Fully made out of Stainless Steel (RVS)
  • Approximately 50cm. in length. 
  • Each Sigil Comes with a tiny scroll with information of the Demon's origin and History.

Disclaimer: These Necklaces are made for ordinary use only. The Gray Witch and Partners are not responsible for the consequences that might occur if used alternatively than described. Please do your research and reach out to a professional if needed.

|| Please check our Jewelry Maintenance guide for more information about proper care for your jewelry. ||

  • Leviathan's Cross; Sometimes referred to as the cross of Satan, Satan's Cross.
    The double cross symbolizes Protection and Balance between persons. The infinity sigh underlines the constant and infinite nature and most likely symbolizes the eternal universe.
    In alchemy a symbol for sulfur, which is one of the three essential elements of nature. In Asia, it's name is the symbol for brimstone.
    In association with Leviathan makes it a symbol of depth and surfacing, since Leviathan is a sea monster from prehistoric times mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Lilith; was first named in the Old testament, 3th-5th century, and developed in medieval Jewish literature into Eve's predecessor as Adam's first wife.
    Her precise depiction differed but in modern times, Lilith is often favorably regarded as a free-spirited woman in Feminist circles and has been an example for many woman.
    Genesis tells the story about Lilith accepting Adam's offer to have sex, but they got into an argument because she refused to lie on the bottom, as they were created at the same time (as equals). After the quarrel and finding out God's unspeakable name, she fled to the dessert. There she had orgies with dessert ghosts and gave birth to many Demons. Which probably gave her the nickname; Mother of Demons.
    In the Middle Ages, popular belief grew that she was the founder of Witchcraft and the Grandmother of the Devil, The Devil himself or his Lover.

  • Lucifer; In Latin, Lucifer literally means; Light bringer. It usually denotes the Morning star, also known as the Planet Venus.
    The entity's name was subsequently absorbed into Christianity and gave rise to the general use of the Latin word for Morning star, capitalized, as the original name of the Devil before his fall from grace.
    Considering pride as a major sin peaking in self-deification, Lucifer became a template and identified with the Devil in Christianity.
    Early medieval Christianity fairly distinguish between Lucifer and Satan. While Lucifer, as the Devil, is fixated in Hell, Satan executes the desires of Lucifer as his vassal. Theologians however, made no distinction between Lucifer and Satan, regarding Lucifer as Satan's primordial name.