Payments & Delivery time

How can I Pay?
You can pay for your order via Paypall, Credit Card, Apple pay, Google pay, Shop pay. - Extra Costs - 

What are the Shipping Costs?
The shipping costs are automatically calculated in the shopping cart View the exact cost per country in our Shipping Policy

What is the delivery time within The Netherlands
All orders that are confirmed and ready to ship will be brought to the Post NL service point. You will receive and email with a Track and Trace code. Post NL delivers packages from Monday to Saturday 21:30. They will deliver the package usually on the day they have received it from the sender (unless the receiver chose for a different delivery day. If you wish to know where your order currently is? Check the track and trace code you received with your order.

Pay Attention! Due to Covid-19, your package might take longer to be delivered then originally planned. The delivery time to to other countries varies per destination.

What is the delivery time outside The Netherlands
All orders are being shipped by Post NL. Delivery time may vary by Country and destination. Visit Post NL for more accurate information.

EU: up to 1 week
Outside EU: up to 2 weeks

Ordering and Custom made:

What is the minimum order amount?
There is no minimum order amount at Miss Dreamcraft.

How does made to order work?
All products on the website of Miss Dreamcraft are Handmade, which means that every product is a made-to-order product. This can be an existing design or a Custom made order.

What is Custom Made?
Custom made means that a product is designed completely according to the wishes of the costumer. All conditions for requesting a custom made order are described on the website of Miss Dreamcraft. 

How do I place an order/custom made order?
You can order Made-to-order products in the shop on the website of Miss Dreamcraft.
You can request a Custom order on the Home Screen or send an email to info@missdreamcraft.com. Miss Dreamcraft will get in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

When do I have to pay for my order/Custom order?
You can pay for the made-to-order products directly in the shop on the website of Miss Dreamcraft.
Once Miss Dreamcraft is able to craft the requested custom order, and both parties agreed on the price. You will receive an invoice that will need to be payed within 14 days.

How do I know when my order/custom order is ready?
Once you have received our confirmation mail, Miss Dreamcraft will try her best to craft and send your ordered product within a week. You will receive another email once your order has been send.
Miss Dreamcraft will notify the status of Custom made orders to the customer by email. Depending on what has been requested to be Custom made, will decide the needed time to craft.

Feel free to contact Miss Dreamcraft any time if you have any questions.


How can I return Something?

If you are not satisfied with the ordered product, Please get in Contact with miss Dreamcraft and return your package within 14 days.
The product must be shipped in the original packaging without damage. Costs for returning will be borne to the customer.

What are the return conditions:

  • Contact Miss Dreamcraft within 14 days
  • Return the product within the same 14 days
  • Provided with an attached label/sticker. If applicable in the original undamaged packaging.
  • Unused condition* 
  • Custom made orders cannot be returned. More information about Custom made order can be found on the Website of Miss Dreamcraft.

* Of course you can inspect the item as you would in a store Example: Take a mug out of the box and look at it from all sides, but don't drink coffee from it.

What is the return address?

Miss Dreamcraft
Frans Halskade 65
2282 TT Rijswijk
The Netherlands

My order is damaged, what now?
Each order is carefully packed to prevent damage during transport. If there is damage, you can of course return the damaged item. When the product is received in good condition, a new copy will be prepared for you and send back to you as soon as possible. The shipping costs will be refunded with the same payment method that you used to pay for the original order.*

* Not valid for over-franking of the shipment, such as insured or registered.

How will my return be processed?
Upon receipt of your return, we will process it within 5 working days and send you a confirmation by email.

During the processing of your return, we will refund the purchase price of the returned item with the same payment method with which you paid for the original order.

I didn't receive a confirmation?
If you still haven't received a confirmation with us within 7 working days, we advice you to contact Miss Dreamcraft. If needed help will be provided to track the package. Is there any delay? Then we can extend your return period.

Do I get the full purchase amount back after returning?
Most of the time, yes. But it logically depends on the condition of your returned product. To get a full refund, it is important to return your product in its original condition and undamaged. This way we can make someone else happy with the product. If the condition is not returned as supplied, a depreciation will be charged.

Feel free to view a product as you would in the store.
Example: Take a mug out of the box and look at it from all sides, but don't drink coffee from it.

Why do I get less money back for my returned product?
The product was probably not returned in its original condition. In that case, we determine what the deprecation is based on the condition of the product. The maximum depreciation is 25%.

The depreciation of the product is based on three factors:

  • Damage to the product
  • Damage to the packaging
  • Completeness of the product

What if a part/item is missing from my order?
We advice to get in contact with Miss Dreamcraft. Indicate here which product it concerns and what is missing. Also indicate which of these two solutions you want;

  1. Deliver the missing part/item. In most cases you will receive the missing part/item as soon as possible. If the part/item cannot be delivered, Miss Dreamcraft will get in contact with you and exchange the product for you.
  2. A new product. You will receive your new product as soon as possible after Miss Dreamcraft has receiver your return.

What if I have received a wrong product?
Unfortunately this may happen sometimes, without any intention. Report this to Miss Dreamcraft and we will ensure that you receive the correct order as soon as possible.

What are exceptions to returns?

  • Gift cards and Vouchers
  • Custom made orders

What return options do I have?

  • Exchange your product(s) for another.
  • Return your product(s) and have your money refunded.
  • Have your product(s) converted into a voucher.

The choice can be indicated by email.

For more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Miss Dreamcraft