The Gray Witch

'' Why don't you just do what makes you happy? ''
Those where the words my partner spoke to me before I decided to make one of the biggest jumps in my life.

Welcome, my name is Tessa. Founder and Owner of Miss Dreamcraft - The Gray Witch.

I love to learn and create new things, it doesn't matter if it's a Necklace, a Pumpkin pie or a Raspberry Mojito. My mind and my hands are my tools to craft whatever I desire.

May my crafting bring you joy, Love and much more.
Life it too short, do what makes you happy.

xx Tessa

Threads and Tomes

Part of The Gray Witch and this Webshop.

~The Magic of Kinbaku ~
We educate ourselves in the art of Japanese Rope bondage. Providing workshops and performances in combination with a online shop. The products are currently available trough Miss Dreamcraft.

-- Under Contruction --