- September, 2005

- September, 2005

I was cycling home with my mom after my horse-riding lesson. My grandfather called her, and told her she had to come to my dad's place as soon as she could. Mom asked him what was going on and my Grandfather told her he died. When we got home, mom hugged me tight and started crying. After hearing her call with my Grandfather I knew something was up with dad, like maybe he broke a leg or something. But she told me he died, and that I had to go to our nanny mothers house, cause she needed to go to him.

I remember I was in shock, a typical --404-- error. My mind was blank and I just stared out in front of me when my mom dropped me off. Once we got there and I saw my nanny mother, I broke. 

My parents where divorced only 6 months when this happened. 
My dad was an alcoholic, I never knew this until my mom told me the reason of their divorce. Apparently he dealt with the same Mental issues I am dealing with now. And the only remedy he saw was his favorite drink, Whiskey & Coke. 

Mom called my school, telling them I won't be coming to school for a week since I had to co-arrange my fathers funeral. Being his only child and heir, due the divorce, I had the final say in everything.

I wanted a blue coffin, with blue and white flowers.
His favorite guitar, a Gibson les Paul, went with him. Together with a picture of me and a pink plushie seal which he always used to make funny faces with to make me laugh. He wished to had his service within the Brigida in our hometown, but unfortunately this couldn't be made possible due the music we wished to play during the service.

He was a guitarist with 'golden ears' he could tune his guitars without a tuner. Could hear every note without being able to read any, just by listening.
Whenever he heard his favorite bands on the radio, Led zeppelin, Jimmy Hendriks, Deep Purple and all the classics, he would take one of his 7 Guitars and played with them.

Dad wanted to be buried close to his Mother, so we arranged a stone that was equal, but I wanted a guitar to be engraved within the stone. His latest, a Takamine Ovation, which he bought with my mother, and still remains in her house today. It was my Grandmothers wish to arrange a double grave, she wanted to be buried with him when it was her time. Which I made sure of when she passed 4 years ago.
- Which is also a story for another time..

I just entered the first year of middle school and was already a hormonal unbalanced, 12 year old teenager. I was unable to process anything that was happening and what was about to happen, it didn't just stop with the dead of my father..

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