Coping with my Mental Health - 2006 till 2012

Welcome back,

We are into 2006, Mom and I doing the best we can after loosing my Father. But I would be lying if I told you know we where cooping in peace, cause we did not. In fact, mom had been arranging things with the Notary for two years.
I don’t remember everything and I didn’t want to dig into matter, I was too young and it’s not going to make a difference anymore.

We managed.. That's all that mattered back then.

If I would describe my mom, I would say she’s a warrior. She had so much thrown on her plate but still managed to provide for us. Yes, I didn't see her much, but she did what was needed in order to survive, it wasn't easy for her either.

When the whole Notary shit was over, we agreed that it was time to go away for a while. We spend 4 weeks at our Family in Australia and we had the best of time. Once we returned to The Netherlands, due unfortunate events that happened, mom fought Depression and I had major Anger Issues. Luckily she managed to recover quickly. Me on the other hand, needed to go see a Psychologist since I had Major Anger issues. I messed up the Livingroom once, and even at school I couldn't control my emotions. The Psychologist suggested to enter a group for Children with Parents that are an addict. I managed to learn some but in the end I got treatment for something I never had. My father was dead, and I have never been aware of his addiction.

On our second trip to Australia, 2 years after the first trip, I brought my boyfriend with me. He was my first in a lot of things when your in between 15-18 years old. However, unfortunately, he was manipulative, and managed to betray my trust. Took me 3 years, and a lot of heartbreak to realize that.

Once that part of my life was over, I met a Boy at the Internship I was working at the time. I was cleaning the dishes, being within my own headspace when he suddenly askes me.

'' Hey, are you okay? Cause I feel that you are not..''
Or at least, somewhere in that direction, he could tell I was troubled and after we talked he asked me if I was a High sensitive Person myself, at the time I didn't know what it was, so he talked me through it. After a lot of reading, researching and testing. I could definitely say for myself that I am a High Sensitive Person, so now what? Time to get along with it. He guided me through quite sometime and I will always remember that, and I will always be grateful, so thank you.

After my 3 week internship in Cameroon, which was once of the most interesting experiences in my life. Me and my best friend decided to move to Leiden, The Netherlands. We needed to move out big time. We met wonderful people at the Local festival and before we knew it, we where there any other week. She even met the Love of her life, and they are still together today, isn't that wonderful.

We moved to Leiden, I believe, late 2012. I started working at a Local Bakery and my Best friend studied to become a teacher. We had our lives quite together and we loved every minute of it. We had friends, both a new loving family and lots of love. Honestly still the best decision we ever made.

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